Wednesday, 9 March 2016

MOTH - "First Second"

Mass Media Records have a roster of rather incredible bands, and Copenhagen's MOTH are without doubt one of my favourites. They have been haunting me ever since I received their "First Second" LP in the post last year. Having released material since, and a few seven inches before this album, this remains my go-to when I'm in the mood for some incredibly sombre yet catchy post-punk gloom.

The male/female vocals that bounce off each other add a remarkable twist to many of the songs. "Young Future"'s main guitar riff (you'll know the one when you hear it) gives me genuine shivers, and the same goes for the dripping, cavernous atmosphere of "Taste the Remains" (which incidentally is a re-recording of the same song from the Luminol 7"). It's all very haunting stuff, but not without an incredible ability to really draw you in with its numerous hooks and catchy guitar noodles scattered throughout. 

Check it out below. Mass Media are real swift with their deliveries if you're after the vinyl, otherwise you can download the digital album for free, (or choose your price and help the band out!).

RIYL: The Chameleons, Night Sins, The Cult, I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness.


Okay, so over six years after my last post, I've decided to re-visit and make a genuine attempt at defibrillating this blog. In this day of spotify, apple music, and everyone knowing where to get albums from if they want them, I'll still be posting mini reviews and links to streams, clips and bandcamp/social media sites rather than providing full download links. But hopefully it will still be fun and if it points just one person to a band/song they like, then it's all worthwhile...

Next post coming up real soon!