Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Native - "We Delete; Erase" (2008)

Wow, yet again i leave quite a gap between posts! There has been househunting, illnesses, hard times and a couple of parties, so busy busy! But anyway, onto this little cracker of an EP....

A few people over at the Get An Earection blog gave me a heads-up about these guys, and i'm glad they did. It's just the kind of thing i've been looking for lately. I was a late-comer to This Town Needs Guns' latest LP "Animals", and whilst i enjoyed the album alot, it was something i could only sit through a handful of times due to it being quite repetetive, albeit very technical and well-constructed. I was after something a little edgier, but with the same feel to it. I was told about these guys, and was surprised to hear what i did.

The technical finger-tappy guitaring is there, a la Minus The Bear, Foals, TTNG, etc, but there are crazy drum-parts, yelpy vocals (which remind me of Secret Bark Language-era Murder Of Rosa Luxemburg slightly) and actual powerful riffs to mix it up. It's a superbly catchy album, with enough twists and turns to keep even the most impatient of listeners happy.

Apparently they are a hell of a band to witness live, but not really having the funds to make it to their hometown of Northwest, Indiana, and them only being a young, as-yet unheard of Indie band not really having the funds for a UK run just yet, i doubt that's going to happen anytime soon. But who knows, in my honest opinion, they're good enough to get snatched up by a big-enough label. Be sure to check out their Myspace as they have a new song up which was recorded after this EP. It's got heavier parts in it, maybe marking the path of a new direction? I suppose i better wait and check the LP out when it's done. Needless to say, it's an amazing song.

Because it's quite a short EP, but such a good one, i'll provide a song to download and a video to watch:

1. Alpacastan
2. Flaschdance
3. What Are You Dylan In My House?
4. Ride The Tide
5. Something About Swordsmanship
6. Hey Mon, Hook Me Up 'Do

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People with an iphone/ipod touch can also download the EP directly from itunes+ for a mere £4.74.

Recommended If You Like: Minus The Bear, This Town Needs Guns, Reptilian, Foals

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