Monday, 20 July 2009

Crystal Lake - "Dimension" (2005)

Crystal Lake are a melodic metalcore band from Tokyo, Japan who are criminally unheard of in the whole metal/hardcore scene. Shying away from the monotonal one-chord beatdown songs that plague most metalcore bands' discographies nowadays, this band are more akin to the late 90's Florida metal scene than anything, although even that is actually a far cry from what this band are all about.

Although they are not exactly mosh-unfriendly, even the brutal parts have beautiful underlying melodies that both talented guitarists churn out with incredible ease. And those vocals; man they're evil! Haha. Great stuff all round, and a breath of fresh air if you're sick of the Nu-metalcore hanging in the air right now.

Here is my favourite song on the album. Acoustic guitar, gang vocals, crushing riffs, amazing melody; this song has it all. If you like this, go support the band by purchasing the CD. They also have a couple of splits available on iTunes and from decent online stores:

The Burden

Buy the CD/Myspace

Recommended if you like: Naiad, A Jealousy Issue, Strongarm.

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