Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Signal Hill - "More After We're Gone" (2009)

Just like what i said about Our Ceasing Voice's album in another post, this is one of those bands that words fail to explain what sound they have, and just how intricate and amazing it is. The closest bands i can relate these to are Tristeza, The Album Leaf, and perhaps in certain places Mogwai.

This has been both a great, and frustrating year for post-rock. There have truly been some fantastic albums released this year into the genre's already expansive ocean, which is also where the downfall lies. There are a terrible amount of bands that really do sound all too similar and strive to sound so alike that they are quite difficult to differentiate from each other.

Maybe it is just to my ears, but Signal Hill run way ahead of that pack, smiling and waving back at them with an all-knowing grin that they have something that alot of the other bands don't: originality, and a clear pallette onto which they paint their fantastic soundscapes, without first laying down foundations of their peers and influences, thus distorting the vision they have. I can honestly say that there is not one track on this album that doesn't have a huge emotional resonance at some point. They really know how to write very, very moving and beautiful hooks.

May i once again ask you to hear this for yourselves rather than letting my ramblings shape your opinions for you. Here are a couple of my favourite tracks from the album:

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Recommended if you like: Tristeza, The Album Leaf, The Pirate Ship Quintet, Tortoise.

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