Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Nature Living & Water Weed - "When The Light Goes Out: Split EP" (2008)

In this post i bring you yet another two bands from Japan! And another two erm... strange band names. As you can probably tell i quite enjoy the alternative scene over in that neck of the woods. These guys are little different from the other bands i've mentioned so far, being of the more emo and punk/hardcore sound respectively.

First of all, Nature Living. I've been a fan of this band for a while. I, personally, have always seen them as Japan's answer to Thursday, but with catchier parts and much more intricate riffs. They really are incredibly good at what they do, and i'm surprised they aren't heard of more this side of the water. One of their guitarists adds some back-up screams here and there, whilst their keyboard player brings some nice female vocals into the mix, albeit very occasionally. Incredible stuff.

Imagine if you mixed Illusion Of Safety-era Thrice with Comeback Kid, then threw in a bit of Ignite just for good measure, then you would have Water Weed. Of course they bring their own elements into the mix, including their ability to be a little more technical than the aforementioned bands, but i think you know what i'm getting at. They have the ability to snap out of being crushingly heavy, into great melodic breaks in split seconds whilst still retaining alot of punch and being catchy as hell. Apparently they have been through a line-up change very recently. According to their website they will be ready to record their full-length very soon though, which i am very much looking forward to. Keep 'em peeled for that!

Both bands have other releases in their back catalogues, so be sure to check them out if you can. I may even post tracks from them at a later date. For now, enjoy these:

Nature Living - Fourty Winks
Water Weed - Your Story Is End

Buy Nature Living CDs

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NL: Recommended if you like: Thursday, The Beautiful Mistake, Emery, Jimmy Eat World.
WW: Recommended if you like: Comeback Kid, Reach the Sky, Thrice, Rise Against.

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