Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Water Weed - "Killing The Earth Means Our Suicide" (2007)

I just had to post Water Weed's EP today. I know i only posted their split with Nature Living just yesterday but it prompted me to dig this up and give it yet more listens. It's such a fantastic little release, but is over just too quickly. Their songs, although quite short, pack more riffs, changes, and above all passion into one track than alot of other hardcore bands get onto an entire CD.

It's relentless stuff, not stopping from the introductory riff on "Revelation" 'til the closing guitar feedback on "Adoration For The Maple Leaf", which are incidentally the two songs i will be uploading from the EP, as they are both my personal favourites.

Fans of fast melodic hardcore, or even pop-punk will get a kick out of this band. And may i stress again that i simply cannot wait for their debut full-length which should be released fairly soon according to the blog on their myspace. Judging by how quickly the songs on the split and this fantastic little EP just whizz straight by, i'm hoping it'll be a 40-track monster of an album! Haha.

Anyway, here are the opening and closing tracks from the EP. I hope you like them. If you do, please go and buy their stuff. It's only more help towards what will undoubtedly be one of the best punk/hardcore albums to come out in ages. Just listen to that drummer, the twin guitars, and the vocalist's sing/scream dynamics. Plus those gang vocals! Aaaagh! Fantastic stuff:

Adoration For The Maple Leaf

Buy CD

(EDIT: If you iPhone and iPod owners like what you hear of this band, then you can pick this EP and the split with Nature Living up on iTunes and iTunes+ for just a couple of pounds each. Bargain.)

Recommended if you like: Thrice, Rise Against, Comeback Kid, Raised Fist.

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