Monday, 20 July 2009

Teen Cthulu - "Ride The Blade" (2003)

This band are well respected within both hardcore and black metal circles, for having each foot rooted equally in both genres. Black metal fans enjoy the blast parts, ethereal keyboards, and the screeched vocal sections, whilst the hardcore enthusiasts enjoy the slow mosh parts, the barked vocals, and the chugging riffs.

Being an avid fan of both genres, i can see why. These guys are way too chaotic, fast and spooky to be labeled hardcore, yet have too many chugga riffs, slow sections and gutteral vocals to be called black metal. I suppose i should let the music do the talking, so here are a few of my favourite cuts from the album.

I will be uploading only a couple of songs from the albums i post on this blog, but due to the short tracks these guys made, and how seriously awesome they were (they split up in 2003, sadly) i thought i would post three. Enjoy:

I will also be posting links for you to buy the albums i post, but seeing as this album is as rare as rocking horse shit, you're better off looking on ebay!

Recommended if you like: Song Of Zarathustra, Knives And Greenwater, Fauna.

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