Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Our Ceasing Voice - "Steadied Stars In The Morphium Sky" (2009)

Here we have a fantastic drone/ambient/post-rock band from Tirol, Austria who are not only amazing musicians but fantastic guys. I was amazed upon purchasing their CD not only to find the artwork hand-crafted and painstakingly attended to, but also a small handwritten thank-you note. It is releases like these that will save the music industry and have people buying alot more, let me tell you. Even though they have the MP3 version of their album available to download for free on their myspace page!

Anyway, onto the music. Each song on the EP starts off with a whirring, slowly building drone/ambient soundscape which after a few hypnotic minutes builds up into a fantastic guitar-driven post-rock climax, where the effects pedals are used to outstanding effect. Heavy without the harshness, melodic without being too technical. I find it hard to describe really how beautiful the songs are.

You should really go check the EP out for yourself, especially seeing as it is completely free. I also highly recommend purchasing one of their hand-crafted EPs too. You can't go wrong for just a few Euros, and you'd be helping the band out with future releases, which can only be a bloody good thing.

Buy or Download EP/Myspace

Recommended if you like: Explosions In The Sky, Eluvium, The Calm Blue Sea, Stars Of The Lid.

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