Saturday, 25 July 2009


I haven't been too well lately, and haven't really felt like writing all too much. Nope, it's not the dreaded media-bating Swine Flu. I've just been feeling pretty sick and dizzy. But anyway, you don't want to hear about that...

Here's some videos i thought people might like, from some of the bands i've linked to so far, and a couple of new ones who's albums i may be posting at a later date. Regular album posts will carry on from tomorrow.

Incidentally, if you like any of these videos and want to download them for use on an ipod, or just to store on your computer, click on the video you want which will take you to the original youtube page, copy the url, then paste it into the box at This will convert the video into a downloadable, decent quality MP4 for you.

Nature Living - "Time To Wind It Up"

These guys are one of my favourite bands right now. This song is off their excellent split with Fact, who if you haven't heard yet, you really should. I'll be posting a couple of tracks from their new self-titled LP soon.

Water Weed - "Revelation"

It's Water Weed again! Hehe. Incredible band, and a catchy as hell song.

16reasons - "Can't Bust 'Em!"

As you can probably tell, i'm a huge fan of the Japanese harcore/metal/alternative scene. It's probably because the country has really taken the reigns lately. 16reasons are yet another flag-waver. They're like a more melodic version of Water Weed, and their EP is amazing. Once again, i may post it soon.

Signal Hill - "A Secret Society (Live)"

What a song. The melodies are incredible. The sample they play at the start is from Twin Peaks, which is no bad thing at all. Best TV show ever made.

Crystal Lake - "The Burden (Live)"

Wow. I would love to see these guys live. Check how ape-shit the crowd goes during the beatdown that starts at 4:20. "LIGHT OF HOPE IS REVIVING, THIS IS A SACRED WAAARR!!". Haha, brilliant.

Broadside - "New Day"

Another fantastic band on the Theory & Practice record label (Nature Living, Water Weed, 16reasons, Empress, etc). Fans of Underoath, Alexisonfire, etc should dig this band. I'll post a link to their EP soon.

More to come soon!

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