Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Keith Hudson - "Pick A Dub" (1974)

When i worked at one of my old crappy jobs, i remember walking in the door of my old place, and just wondering what the point of going back to that damn job was. I remember though, on a couple of occasions, putting this album on and rolling a joint. Then the night would take a 180° turn, and the prospect of going to work again the next day seemed much more bearable, almost exciting. Aswell as being a great soundtrack to a smoke, this album stands alone as something that will always have a place in my collection; always one of the first to be reached for if i am ever unhappy.

Since i was very young i have always been a big reggae fan, but it was only until i was older that i really started to appreciate dub for what it was. Reggae has it's focus on the vocals, the lyrics, the message; sometimes for love, sometimes for political outcries, and sometimes for religious purposes, but dub (although sometimes containing samples of vocals) is all about the rhythm, bass, and melodies of those songs, with harmonies and heavy basslines bouncing in and out of the foreground. I love dub (and reggae!) with a great passion. Well, material released before the 80's anyway!

Here are a couple of choice cuts from this LP. Even if this is not your cup of tea, please give them a chance, even if they are there just for the same reasons as i mentioned before. And hell, if you like them, you can pick the album up for free on the You And Me On A Jamboree blog up there in the links section. I know that this record is now out of print, so no harm no foul!


Michael Talbot Affair
I'm All Right

Recommended if you like: Bob Marley and the Wailers, Burning Spear, Lee Perry and the Upsetters, Velvet Shadows.

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